Every watch starts with the design concept. Researching  what has been made in the past, there are some amazing watches that have been made historically and forgotten about over time. Detailing that is not used any more because cost is more important in today’s market but we feel is imperative to beautiful watch design. We research what is happening in the latest fashion trends and what is on the runway, this is also key in the OWL collection So the watches fit beautifully with what people are wearing each season.


Once we have got all our research and ideas together we then start to pull sketches together. Taking into consideration key features we use within the brand such as stepped dial details, metal shoulder tab detailing and the shape and style of the watch and how this sits with the rest of the collection.
We consider the curve of the case, how markers will look, the size of the case and strap detail and design, the design of the hands to the finish of the dial.
 The initial sketch of our Lincoln Collection


Once happy with the outlook the sketch is drawn on the computer, this breathes life into the watch and gives a clearer idea of what the finished watch will look like. This is done on a Mac in specialised software. I’ve used Macs since the age of 16 and remember working in photoshop 1 in 1991 when Macs were still a beige box. They are fantastic for creating the look of the watches before we make samples.


Once drawn up we then work into the colour combinations we will use for that season. Researching into which leather finished will compliment the style of the watch and insuring the colour levels fit with each season is trends. We decide on the colour of the metal and how this compliments the leather colour and how this sits along side the runway trends.


Once this is decided the final colour combinations are drawn on cad so we can see the final outlook of the seasons collection and how it looks.
Once finalised we then start tooling the case. All OWL watches are designed in house and tooled to our specification so we own the moulds so you know your not getting a watch that is available everywhere. A technical drawing is made with all the sizes, measurements and curves, we check each detail so we know the outlook will be correct to our design.
The case is then made from Stainless steel. We can then check these to ensure the detail and the outlook is as designed and once happy the additional components are made. The dial is tooled to fit the case with the details as our artwork. The strap then also needs a mould making to fit with our design. Once all the different items of the watch are finished the watch is assembled for us to check the finished outlook.
It is at this stage that we can make any changes if needed. If the colour of the leather isn’t working with the case and we feel it would look stronger in a different shade or metal colour this is when it will be altered.


Once we are happy with the full collection production will start. We only do small production runs on each watch which keeps the watches more exclusive and unique and makes sure we can bring new key styles in each season.
All the watches are packed in our box which we feel makes owning an OWL Watch extra special. When designing the original collection there was so much work went into designing the full range I didn’t want to then use an every day card box. I wanted to design something that encapsulates the brand. My inspiration came from old Victorian travel cases, so opulent which is exactly what I wanted for OWL. I then designed a smaller version for the watch which is great to keep your watch safe.