Amesbury Silver mesh watch with a genuine Lapis Lazuli Dial


Available in 9 different stones, all with different spiritual properties, the Amesbury collection takes its name from the Home of Stone Henge.

All the watches in the Amesbury collection are small, feminine and finished on a mesh bracelet. The dials are hand crafted and set with natural stones.

To ensure you are always in contact with the spirit of the stone, a stone is set into the case back, you will always be in contact with the stones power.

With the dial being made from natural stone, each piece is unique to you.

It is said that Lapis lazuli will clear the way so you can be yourself. Warding off negativity and helping you relieve your stress. It is also said to encourage honesty and aid in speaking the truth.


Diameter 25mm

Stainless steel mesh bracelet

Clear 5 minute markers

Shoulder tab detail 

Natural stone dial made from Lapis Lazuli

Please not the dial will vary from piece to piece as the dial is genuine Lapis Lazuli and no crafted piece of stone will be the same.

Make this watch extra special and engrave your message on the Case back.

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